Baking essentials: 101

Hello Bakers! Today I’m going to show you my baking essentials that help me bake all my delicious treats. This post is designed to help beginning bakers on the start to their sweet path.

The Basics

The Basics are obviously the basic tools needed for baking.

  • Measuring cup/bowls
  • Oven mittens
  • whisk
  • Mixing bowls
  • baking pans



Cookbooks are a huge help especially for beginners. They are meant to be used as guides and like most guides if you don’t read carefully then it can led to disastrous consequences (I had to learn this the hard way). Even with a cookbook you will make a million mistakes but you will learn from them. Through multiple trails, errors, and help from my cookbooks I finally learned how to make cake pops.





When you start baking, finding the right kind of baking pan can be overwhelming. There are a million different pans  such as cookie pans, non-stick pans, cupcake pans, and many more.  As you bake more frequently you’ll start to notice the growing collections of pans. My advice for beginners would be to narrow down a simple recipe you would like to bake and start from there. As for me, I was lucky enough to already have a variety of baking pans thanks to my dad.




Decorating tools

From my previous recipes you guys can tell that I love to decorate. You shouldn’t invest in decorating tools unless you’re really love baking. Some of the decorating tools can be pricey. Otherwise it’s a great investment in  the long run if the tools are used frequently. My list of my decorating tools are  listed below:

  • Wilton decorating kit: 4 dye colors, 20 tips, decorating practice sheet, 1 reusable piping bag, and 20 disposable piping bag
  • Chocolate mold



The Mixer

Saved the best for last! My kitchen aid mixer is the my most important tool in baking. It saves me a lot of time especially if I bake a large recipe for a lot of people (my family). The kitchen aid mixer can be expensive but worth it in the long run. If you don’t have a  stand mixer then you can get by hand mixers or mixing it by hand.


 *Baker’s tip: Don’t be discouraged to bake because you don’t have all the tools. Not having all the tools doesn’t make the recipe any less delicious. 🙂


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